Bounce Your Way To The Bank With A Successful Jumping Castle Hire Business: Tips on How To Start And Run a Successful Company

2016 WOMO Award Perth Bouncy Castle HireEvery year, parents across the globe spend big bucks in making celebrations such as birthdays a big delight for their kids. From birthday parties, school parties, fetes and carnivals, bouncing castles have become a must-have for any kids’ party.

For the entrepreneurial mind, this is a gold mine. You can now be your own boss and work full-time or part-time by starting your own bouncy castle hire business. While preliminary research shows that the industry promises great return, you will only get to enjoy these if you start out well. Two companies doing well in Australia is Perth Bouncy Castle Hire and Aussie Jump.

Market research

Find out who you can hire to in your area and gauge the competition. With the high demand, it is more than likely that is room enough for new players in the market. You should also take the time to know and acquire all the equipment that you will need for smooth operation including the inflatables themselves and electrical equipment for the set-up, as well as safety equipment including a ground sheet, safety mat, and anchor supports.

When it comes to bouncy castle hire, you can never go wrong with variety, so, find units of different sizes and designs that will cater to different age groups, appealing to their particular tastes.

Make it Legal

Register your business and obtain all certifications that show your business is fully compliant with the all the local and industry rules and regulations.

Establish your business as a corporate entity by setting up contacts, including a dedicated phone number and email through which you can keep in touch with clients, whether for enquiries or the ever-welcome bookings.

Safety First

There is always the risk of injury with bouncing castles, however small the risk may be. After hiring qualified personnel to work in your bouncy castle hire company, organize for the whole team to enroll in an industry-recommended safety training program. This training should be continual, with refresher courses and more relevant training even after you are in business.

A public liability insurance cover is a must in the industry, the amount of which you may settle on based on your financial standing, the number of units, and the volume of business you expect, among other factors.

In the course of running the business, it will be imperative to ensure that all inflatables are thoroughly inspected and cleaned before being delivered to the client’s site.

Make it known

After successfully meeting all the requirements, and building your capacity to handle bookings by stocking quality inflatables, market penetration remains your core business. Embark on an intensive advertising campaign to reach potential clients. From advertising in the papers, leaflets around town, information boards in schools and churches, to a rigorous online campaign, exhaust all viable advertising channels.

Quality service Guarantee

With time in the time, you will find your client list growing due to referrals. No amount of advertising can counter a bad reputable built from scores of unsatisfied clients. If you hope to run a successful bouncing castle hire business and see it grow and consolidate in a short time, invest in all your customers and ensure that you bring the very best that the company has to offer to every party, big or small. And that is how you keep clients coming back in their numbers.

Apart from the big profits in the bouncy castle hire industry, it very rewarding to bring a smile and such laughter to kids and their parents. Being a mum, it has been said, is the best job in the world, but how much better would it be being a working mum that gets to bring fun to other people every day?

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